Delta league rules reduced madden 18

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Delta league rules reduced madden 18

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:38 am


PUNT RULE - You must punt when the ball on 4th down if it is in your end (if ball is exactly on the 50 - it's not in your end of the field so there are no restrictions on gambling on 4th down)... other reasons you can gamble on 4th down when ball is in your end:

a) your behind in the 4th quarter...
b) your behind 3 scores or more anytime...

* QDiggity CAVIAT - if score is TIED in the 4th quarter - you can do 4th down gamble from YOUR 40 to your opponents goaline (this situation occurred in our game & he got screwed in this situation - hence it made sense to create this addendum)

note: when receiving a punt, you are NOT ALLOWED to take an extra blocker off the "D-Line" and bring him in a better blocking angle position... (if you want to bring a player back beside the kicker, move the players over-top of the Kick coverage team's gunners who already drop back on the sanp of the ball...)

- POOCH PUNTS are banned!

XTRA POINTS & SHORT FIELD GOALS - on XTRA points or field goal attempts inside of 30 yards,  YOU CANNOT MANUALLY MOVE ANY PLAYER (unless its a fake...)

2) Pass Rush Rules You must PASS RUSH a minimum of 3 players EVERY PLAY... You are prohibited from moving a Defensive Linemen off the Line of Scrimmage (to a traditional LB starting position) before the snap... If you want to play with less DL and more LBs or DBs than call a defense that has such a strategy implemented ...

Players that are in SPY are considered HALF of a pass rusher; and players in QB CONTAIN count as a 1 pass rusher....


Players played out of position must be REASONABLE and SIM like... (the most obvious example is that u cant play Offensive players on defense and vice versa) unless in an EMERGENCY SITUATION where injuries and fatigues demands this switch from a depth chart perspective... The acceptable changes of positions are as follows:

QB to HB (must be 82 speed)
QB to WR (must be 82 speed)
RB to WR or QB
HB to FB (must be less then 90 speed)
TE to FB or OL (must be minimum 75 STR, 78 run blk and 250 lbs)
FB to TE
OLINE is completely interchangeable

WR cannot play TE!

CB and safeties are interchangeable
LBs are interchangeable
OLB and DE are interchangeable
DE and DT are interchangeable
Safeties to OLB - 83 SPD or slower; 80 HPW or higher

Note: if a change is not listed here - YOU CAN'T DO IT!

You cannot make Multi LEVEL switches (example move MLB to OLB, then from OLB to DE, then from DE to DT)

Position changes listed above but outside of TRAINING POSITIONAL GROUPING can only be made ONCE per year; Example:
* OLB to DE is a legal switch mentioned above however they fall into different TRAINING POSITIONAL GROUPING (this would be LB and DL) - so this change could only be made once a year;
* FS to CB is a legal switch above and falls in the same TRAINING POSITIONAL GROUPING therefore such switches do not have a limit;
* QB to RB is a legal switch mentioned above however they fall into different TRAINING POSITIONAL GROUPING (this would be QB and RB) - so this change could only be made once a year;
Note; this is to stop guys from abusing the training system by upgrading players that were not intended by madden to share in the same training upgrades;
Example; owners were doing training that benefited RBs and OLINE but they would make their starting QB the backup RB (just for training) then they would receive maximum XP for both their starting QB and RB and then he would switch him back for gameplay!
We will not stop guys from making such legal changes but these changes can only be made once a year (so if you want to utilize the training system in that way you will be forced to keep that player at that position for the entire year! You will not be allowed to change positions with sole purpose of maximizing XP unless your willing to lose that player to that position for the entire season.

* NO BLOOD NO FOUL rule applies here - the position switch limitation exist so that guys cannot change players positions just for training and then switch him back for game play... example if your willing to play a TE at FB in order to earn TRAING for that TE - that's cool but he must be listed as FB during games (and you can use depth chart to make him a TE)... however if your not making this switch to earn training xp - NO BLOOD NO FOUL applies and such switches do not have limits...

- If you drop a player you must wait 24 hours before you resign him.  This is to prevent guys dropping and resigning players to cheaper contracts...

SPEED INCREASE LIMITS: You are limited to increasing the speed of all players to three points.  Players do not come to NFL and get "faster" but in the spirit of this being a video game we will limit speed increases to a maximum of 3.  If you go beyond 3 points the commish will reduce the speed of the player and you will lose the XP you spent for the increase.


DO NOT OVER-USE PLAYSWe all have our "go to" plays - aka MONEY PLAYS but don't over use any one play... The exception being BASIC FUNDAMENTAL PLAYS that are "main stays" of all offense (example - dives, offtackle or sweeps... and blitz counter passes) - if a defense dictates that a bliitz counter pass be used b/c the defense continues to BLITZ - the offense is not responsible to mix it up as his play call is actually dictated by what the defense calls...

Any NON-base offensive play cannot total more then 20% of your play calls

NO HUDDLE: The offense can only use NO HUDDLE as a change of pace tactic.  That means no  more then 15% of their play calls can be NO HUDDLE...
This rule is suspended when:
A) At the end of the first half...
B) If your losing in the 4th quarter...
C) Your down 17 points or more...

RECEIVER MOTION SNAPPING When you have a receiver motion he must come to a clear and full stop before you snap...

3 SECOND SNAP RULE When the offense comes to the line of scrimmage they must wait 3 seconds AFTER THE OL and BACKS have come to a "set" positions (3 seconds begins when the last player is clearly in his 3 point stance and your backs are in their stance...) - This is to ensure the Defense is able to have a reasonable amount of time to call their base play...
This rule is suspended:
A) in the last 2 minutes of a half - when offense is doing HURRY UP
B) if the offense is down 14 points or more...
C) if the offense is behind in the 4th quarter...

* there will be times when the offense doesn't call their play in time and they will have to SNAP ASAP to avoid a delay of game penalty - you can do this a handful of times each game (but this cannot be a tactic you use to circumvent the rule...)

Example of illegal quick snap - Aka breaking the "3 second snap rule"

MILIKING CLOCK RULE - aka BIGMULLET RULE: You may not milk the clock unless there is 3 minutes left in the half... Milking the clock is defined as repeatedly letting the play clock run down below 10 seconds...
* There will be times when you are indecisive or making subs and cannot snap the ball within these guidlines - AND THATS FINE IF IT HAPPENS OCCASSIONAL - it just cant be something that happens consistently... (no more then 15% of your snaps should run below the threshold)
* you can RUN CLOCK in the last 3 minutes of 2nd quarter and 4th quarter (your opponent needs to use his time outs to prevent the clock from running out at the end half / game...
* every play you run with play clock being +10 seconds can make up for times you snap under 10 seconds; example - if you snap with 5 seconds left on clock 3 plays in a row that can be nullified by snapping once with 25 seconds on play clock;

note: changing offense tempo to CHEW CLOCK by pressing L1 is banned unless your in last 3 minutes of 2nd or 4th quarter... (Of course in a blow out if both teams agree this can be rescinded)

STAT MAX rule -     if you are up 21 points your players cannot go above the following stat totals [i] if you have 20 point lead then stat max does not apply - if you have 21 point lead stat max does apply... [\i]
QB 500 passing 5tds
HB 275 rushing 3tds
any player who catches a ball - 275 receiving 3tds

6) QB Movement Rules: - QB is prohibited from dropping back more then 13 yards from the line of scrimmage while throwing a pass... QB accuracy is determined from the line of scrimmage not from where the actually depth QB throws eg - QB drops back 5 yards and throws at 12 yard pass, his MAC rating would apply on that pass thrown a vertical distance of 17 yards.... if the QB threw the same pass but dropped back 14 yards, the pass thrown a vertical distance of 36 yards (12 downfield + 14 QB drop) would still initiate the MAC rating when from a fairness perspective the DAC applies...
Exceptions are made for SCREEN PASSES and for QB scrambles that include a "rollback" (that is when a QB moves laterally but his path is cut off - forcing him to roll back in the oppisite direction...) QB runs and scrambles that do not throw the ball also are exempt from this rule...

QB "instaSPRINTOUT" is outlawed.  You cannot snap the ball amd immediately sprint to outside the numbers and pass the ball.  You must make a legitimate read where there is an OBVIOUS reason for extreme lateral movement;
Note: regardless of reads, you are limited to throwing your passes outside of the numbers to 20% of the total number of your passes.  - BOTTOM LINE, we do not want every pass you throw to be outside the numbers - just use the tactic when warranted... (I don't anticipate anyone coming close to this sort of manipulation - but if you do there is a rule preventing the tactic...)

The ESSENCE OF A RULE is always upheld when it can be reasonably ascertained.
- We cannot make rules for every situation that could arise! Players are expected to know the reason why rules are in place.  When situations arise where a rule has not been specifically referenced but the ESSENCE OF A RULE CAN BE REASONABLY ASCERTAINED - then that rule will be upheld based on that essence! Example, if it appears you are circumventing Stat max rule by allowing a weaker opponent to score (so they are within 21 points) - you will be held to the stat max regulation.

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Re: Delta league rules reduced madden 18

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